Why Rent a Tesla?
Our question is why wouldn’t you?

We are here to help further the EV
movement, and you can feel good about
driving a zero emission vehicle

Tesla's have received the highest safety
rating of any car ever tested

Tesla's the ultimate cool factor, and it is
quick... scary quick

Tesla's are spacious and comfortable,
with ample room for passengers and
tesla car image

Get bitten by this chocolatey fun factory. Great for the whole family, including Grandpa Joe. 

  • Model S60 | 220 Mile Range
  • Mocha Brown Exterior
  • Smooth Leather Interior
tesla car image

Experience THE car of our time! Autopilot, range, acceleration, tech, value, AND COOL FACTOR all in one. The Tesla Model 3 makes history, try it today and see why half a million people preordered this amazing vehicle. 

  • Model 3 Long Range | 310 Mile Range
  • Premium Upgrade Package and Autopilot
  • An elementary decision no doubt.
tesla car image
Power Outage

“Murdered Out”, “Black Out”, “Batmobile”. Whatever you want to call it, this matte black Tesla is sure to turn heads.

  • Model S85 | 265 Mile Range
  • Matte Black
  • Beautiful Leather Interior
tesla car image
Millennial Falcon

Join the Resistance and blast into hyperspace in this intergalactic family hauler. And boy oh boy does she haul. Room for 6 and packed with the latest tech, the Millennial Falcon is sure to make your next trip feel like space travel.

  • Model X 90D | 250 Mile Range
  • Midnight Silver Exterior with 22" Onyx Wheels
  • Fits a whole tribe of Wookies
tesla car image

If you don’t get the reference, look it up. There you will find everything you need to know about this cruisebeast.

  • Model S85 | 265 Mile Range
  • Ultra High Fidelity Sound System
  • Pure Awesomeness
tesla car image
Darth Vader

Feel the power of the dark side with all 691 electric ponies of futuristic American Muscle. Power and poise all in one, this is the perfect Black Car experience.

  • Insane Mode
  • Autopilot  
  • Adaptive Cruise Control